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The high quality salt and pepper grinders are battery operated and incredibly easy to use with their smart one-hand design so you can season your food with just the push of a button!

These mills have light to make it easier to add the right amount of pepper or salt to your dish. You can easily adjust the coarseness for perfect grind and seasoning. Bottom caps prevent leakage and create the right humid environment to keep your salt and pepper fresh.

Electric salt and pepper grinders are made of the highest quality stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic glass and have a rustproof ceramic core to ensure smooth and easy grind.

This elegant sleek grinder set is perfect for cooking in the kitchen and grilling BBQ outside and a stylish addition to your kitchen and dinner table.


  • Durable adjustable ceramic grinder
  • Electronically adjustable vibrator
  • Automatic one-handed
  • Perfect for your favorite peppercorn, sea, kosher, or Himalayan salts, Italian & French spices and more
  • You can add salt and pepper according to your taste
  • A stylish addition to an ordinary dining table
  • Comes with a brushed stainless steel finish
  • A bright LED light on your food to aid precise seasoning
  • Has a bright window band that keeps the salt and pepper from mixing into each other
  • ¼ cup capacity acrylic see-through container makes monitoring spice levels and refilling easy


  • Power Source: 4AA batteries
  • Works on the Durable Ceramic Mechanism

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    Customer Reviews

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    One came with a crack, please compensate for the cost of the goods Opened the dispute, returned half the value of the goods, the reason was a crack of glass on one of the mills. in all the wine the crested attitude of the workers of the post of Russia, it seems that there are some handicapped employees working there. the boxes came in such a state as if they were kicked all the way to my house.


    Beautiful stylish Mills, not flimsy. Work from 4x finger batteries. It's been a month.


    Delivery month. Quality is good. Of the minuses: With installed batteries (and their 4), the center of gravity at the top and the mill is unstable; the cover under the pepper is removed dangerously, the latches can be easily damaged; the backlight just would be a stupid choice. In the photo do not swear. The app is touching pictures.


    Excellent product quality.


    Excellent! Feels robust, motor is strong, uses 4*AA batteries. Grindes perfectly.. Thank you very much. Will add feedback after a few days of use. Item was shipped fast..

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